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Anas Ibn Malek Delusional Thoughts

by Anas Ibn Malek

15.00 / On Sale

7 tracks Album
Digipack Edition

1)Delusional Thoughts Suite Part I : Overture
2)Hole In The Earth
3)Break The Mirror
4)Delusional Thoughts Suite Part II: A Journey Through The Void
5)Gods Of Darkness
6)Forgive The Unforgiven
7)Delusional Thoughts Suite Part III: Bridges Of Heaven

Guitars: Anas Ibn Malek
Drums Programming: Anas Ibn Malek
FX's/Samples: Anas Ibn Malek
Recorded at: AIM Prod Studios
Mixed at: Zen Chapel Studios (UK)
Mastering: Encapsulated Studios (USA)
Artwork: Monster's Labs (Belgium)

Schecter Guitars, Dimarzio Pickups, Ibanez Guitars, Addictive Drums, Cubase 5, Cort Guitars, D'addario Strings